Client Success Stories

We Care about Our Partner's Success

A wise person once said “a project isn’t complete until it ends in positive results“. One of Treefrog’s core values is simple: we care about the companies we work with. We care that the work we do has meaning, and drives value. In truth: we don’t always succeed, either in achieving the intended results, or delivering happiness along the way (we are human, and we often aim for the moon). But despite this, two things are true: we always aim high, and aim true – and we almost always help our clients be radically successful through our work.

Here are a few examples of clients for whom our work has helped drive success

Buchner Manufacturing

Website Development • ERP Integration

Buchner Manufacturing continually focuses on the human factor in an industry where robotics, automation, and outsourcing significantly impact the marketplace. While automation can take oversteps of the manufacturing process, there’s no need to eliminate human jobs in the process.

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McKenna Logistics Centres

Brand Maturation • Website Design • Digital Marketing

McKenna Logistics Centres is a third-generation, family-owned logistics company specializing in supply chain fulfilment and third-party logistics. With expertise in distribution, warehousing and transportation, McKenna Logistics has been an industry leader in the Canadian marketplace since the 1950s.

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Karbon logo


Re-Branding • Web Design • Digital Strategy • Lead Generation

Treefrog and Karbon had already been working together for several years in support of maturing the brand, website development, dealer and club purchasing portal. As Karbon’s brand was already very well-known among the top ski and snowboard athletes, as elite brand Karbon sought diversification in the marketplace wanting to get into the everyday user market without diluting the brand itself; thus the need for licensing partners.

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The George Brewhouse and Eatery

Branding • Logo Development & Maturation • Website Development

Mike and Donna came to Treefrog Inc. with the vision to restore The George to its former glory, a gathering place where people could meet and eat. They knew they would need external expertise to help garner interest before the opening as well as strong marketing assets.

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RoboRep is a video conferencing and telepresence unit design to be used in operating rooms to aid during orthopedic surgeries. The Operating room attendants can call authorized representatives to consult during surgeries and ensure proper tool usage.

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Reset Zone logo

Reset Zone

Branding • Logo Development • Website Development • Mobile App Development • Digital Marketing

Life and wellness coach Heather Skoll contacted Treefrog with a start-up idea; to create a portable, accessible, online tool that would support individuals with their goals in practicing and achieving emotional wellness. With a potential brand name ‘Reset Zone’ but no idea where to begin, who her target market was, how to market or sell the product, or how to develop the mobile app, Heather reached out to the Frogs to see if we could support and help guide her vision.

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3D Storage Systems Limited Logo

3D Storage Systems

Web Design • Digital Marketing • SEO

Treefrog helped 3D Storage Systems think ahead by adopting a multi-tiered approach to tackling 3D Storage’s objectives, including web design, web development, digital marketing strategy and search engine optimization.

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Modhani Yogurt logo

Modhani Yogurt

Logo • Web Design • Social Media Strategy

Bringing a new product to market is no small undertaking, Modhani partnered with Treefrog for A-Z marketing: Logo creation, Packaging, Print Marketing, Website Development, Digital Strategy, and Digital Marketing.

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Wye Marsh logo

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre

Logo • Web Design • Digital Strategy • Lead Generation

For the 20th Anniversary only a year away, Wye Marsh partnered with Treefrog for a Logo Maturation, New Website and Digital Strategy & Marketing surrounding a special exhibit.

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Bureau Veritas logo

Bureau Veritas

Rebranding • Web Design • Digital Strategy • Lead Generation

After a successful acquisition of Maxxam Analytics, Bureau Veritas had the incredible role of rebranding the organization, including its digital and marketing resources. Having six different online properties, the website build was no small undertaking with over 1000 pages, multi-industry streams, and languages.

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Accerta logo


Branding • Web Design • Digital Marketing

Accerta first approached Treefrog with a few challenges: the user experience was poor, their brand was dated, and the people who needed their services were not finding them. Treefrog helped in refreshing the brand, using the brand to way find user through the website and have been their unsourced digital marketing team for more than three years.

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Grey-scale version of the 404 Dental logo

404 Dental

Brand Maturation • Web Design • SEO • Lead Generation

This full-service dental practice had a great brand concept that patients could relate to, but it needed a modern and professional check-up. This partnership led to big smiles for everyone visiting the website or the 404 Dental offices with a cheerful, unified brand and optimized online presence, which Treefrog continues to support as their unsourced marketing team.

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Bradley Homes logo

Bradley Homes

Web Design & Development

Initially looking for help with SEO and Social Media, to ensure their brand became digitally relevant, Bradley Homes soon discovered we could also support them with various other challenges they faced; such as website redesign, lead conversions, luxury rebranding, increased brand awareness, email marketing spam and more.

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