Aurora Web Design & Digital Marketing

Our close friends just south of Newmarket. Aurora is a hop away from our HQ in Newmarket.

Treefrog has never forgotten our old stomping grounds in the town of Aurora.

In our infancy, our original head office was run by our founder Chris Murray in the basement of his home in Aurora. Seventeen years later, Treefrog remains actively engaged working with businesses and clientele in the local area.

After opening our first Aurora web design location of the new millenium back in 2008, Treefrog then moved to a new home in Aurora in October 2010, sharing space for a time with SoulSalt Canada, a client and collaborator. Our presence in Aurora today is mobile and ready to meet with you at your location for your convenience.

Overall, Aurora offers businesses all of the advantages of an urban centre, but with a more hospitable small town feel. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the chance to be looked upon so favourably and it is our privilege to serve the Aurora community.

Looking to advance your web design with someone who knows Aurora?