Web Application Portfolio

A web application, simply put, is software that is accessible through a web interface.

Force Compare assets

Forces Money

Treefrog built and maintains a system for a company out of the UK, Forces Money. The organization is structured to support current and former armed forces individuals in the British military to help with the management and refunds of their compensation. There are several functions within this system such as: UX, Messaging boards, dashboard, Secure authentication, etc. The system is extensive, with several pieces of sensitive data thus site security is critical.

Shift Facilitation

With over 20 years in the education industry as a trainer and facilitator to trainers, Shift approached Treefrog to help them build their personality assessments and training tools. Creating a compelling system as well as building a complex algorithm based on the years of data collected, was no small task. The build includes a login, dashboard, user data and automated analysis, pdf generator and more.

Shift Facilitation assets
CGI design assets

Convenience Group Inc.

CGI is one if the largest distributors of 3M window film products in Canada, with a network of over 5000 distributors across Canada. They required a system to share updates, announcements, resources, collaborate, and leads from the main website to their dealers. Treefrog built a portal exclusively for the dealers, both CGI employed and licensee’s. The portal included customer management tool, leads tracker, sales dashboard and bulletin for new product, updates, sales dashboard and more. The CGI employee side of the portal allows them to manage the dealers, assign leads and see when they have been followed up, dashboards on dealers, leads and sales as well as post to the bulletin boards and dealer resources.