Why it's Great to Work at Treefrog

At Treefrog, we genuinely love what we do, so in effect, we’re energized kids with the seasoned perspective of adults ‐ and that’s a great place to be!

Working at Treefrog allows you to do great things while having a great time, with others who want the same.

A strong positive culture, firmly grounded in a meaningful purpose.


Treefrog offers an environment that supports and rewards excellence, honesty, mutual support, and fair dealing; where people get great results and they’re treated well – and neither is optional. That’s meaningful!

We’re unique because
we view our
Work as Play
and our
Coworkers as Family

Some might say we’re quirky overachievers but we see ourselves as bringing “living innovation” to everything we do.

This means constantly bringing our passion for all that is creative, visionary and inspirational to our job.

We fervently believe that you need to have fun to be successful and that through supporting each other we can take greater risks.

Graphic of a erlenmeyer flask with green liquid

Work that requires you to stretch your brain & skills.

We like to figure things out, to get good at things, to crack codes and solve problems and make breakthroughs. We recognize and call upon this built-in human attraction to challenging work. We are consistently and fully engaged.

A great example of this is Friday’s Learn O’Clock, when all the Frogs get together to share and develop their skills.

The opportunity to work with people you like and respect

We’d describe ourselves as being fun-loving, informal, uninhibited people, but at the same time knowledgeable and professional. We proactively ask employees for their opinion on a regular basis, and allow people to speak their mind without fear.

Illustration of a lightbulb inside of a person's head

Real chances to grow professionally

Treefrog looks for ways to match employees’ skills and passions with our organization’s needs. We do this through good old-fashioned observation and conversation. We openly discuss what the individual is good at doing and we regularly converse with each person to find out what he or she is interested in learning or doing, and how he or she would like to see his or her career unfold.