Reset Zone

Mobile App Development

Reset Zone is more than just a mobile wellness app – it’s a community of like-minded individuals and advocates who are dedicated to improving the lives of others as well as their own. By practicing mindfulness to reset challenging emotions, Reset Zone community members can unlock peace of mind and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. With guided video instructions that are easy to follow at work, at school, or at home, users can ‘reset’ in just one minute.

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The Challenge

Life and wellness coach Heather Skoll contacted Treefrog with a start-up idea: to create a portable, accessible, online tool that would support individuals with their goals in practicing and achieving emotional wellness. With a potential brand name ‘Reset Zone’ but no idea where to begin, who her target market was, how to market or sell the product, or how to develop the mobile app, Heather reached out to the Frogs to see if we could support and help guide her vision.

The Objectives

  • Establish the Reset Zone brand
  • Identify personas and target markets
  • Create an online, user experience focused wellness tool
  • Learn how to pitch and sell the concept to inventors and supporters
  • Increase brand awareness to get people to download and try the app
  • Connect with key opinion leaders, potential ambassadors, and practitioners
  • Enter a monthly Marketing Partnership for ongoing digital marketing support

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The Solutions

  • Architect, build, and develop the app for IOS & Android
  • Logo, website, and brand design
  • Social media management and public relations outreach
  • Customer journey mapping and personas
  • Content marketing
  • Custom user experience app tools (Facebook single sign-on integration, etc.)
  • Amazon affiliate program to generate sales

Partners since the inception of the brand, Treefrog and Reset Zone have developed a true partnership that thrives through volunteer coordination, community event participation, long-term strategy building, brainstorming, subscription modelling consultation, and more.

The Results

  • 100+ downloads of the appĀ 
  • 200% increase of Facebook following