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Images of the Qbiq app


qBiq is the easiest and most engaging way to monitor things that you care about, and share the data with your friends. Using this app to connect with a qBiq IoT (Internet of Things) Wi-Fi device, you can monitor temperature, humidity, brightness and movement quickly and easily, and see the details of how the data changes over time. You can set up and manage various qBiqs easily, get notifications when the environment reaches thresholds or the qBiq gets moved, compare data between qBiqs, map the location of your qBiqs, and much, much more.

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Images of the Reset Zone app

Reset Zone

Are you angry at the office or anxious about an upcoming test? We have a variety of customized 1-minute video tools from qualified experts that will reset your emotions and help you return to your day refreshed.

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York Festival Trail app design

York Region Festival Trail

Today, Treefrog has evolved to provide so much more than just websites. We now refer to ourselves as a Digital Transformations Agency because we have the resources, services and expertise to completely transform an organization’s digital reality. From custom software applications to social media campaigns and, yes, websites, we can positively affect every aspect of your digital world.

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Smirkee app design


Smirkee is an emotion recognition videochat app that shows emotions in real time! It records the video chat or selfie to your phone with emotions on the screen!

Take snapshots or video selfies from the front or back camera with the emotions showing. Total accuracy built in to the code.

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Beaut App design


Beaut helps thousands of hairdresser capture their masterpieces into one portfolio for clients to see. Whether you’re just shopping for hair, makeup or nails ideas for fun or looking for a service for today, Beaut is a one stop shop to find a professional that can achieve the style you are looking for. Beaut allows you to save your favourite hairstyles and instantly matches you with a qualified artist in your area, so you can access your top go-to stylist list from anywhere. Make choosing a hair salon fun!

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