McKenna Logistics Centres

Brand Maturation • Website Design • Digital Marketing

Shifting from Traditional Marketing Channels to Digital

McKenna Logistics Centres is a third-generation, family-owned logistics company specializing in supply chain fulfilment and third-party logistics. With expertise in distribution, warehousing and transportation, McKenna Logistics has been an industry leader in the Canadian marketplace since the 1950s.

Treefrog’s relationship with McKenna Logistics goes back decades to the start of the internet boom in the early 2000s. As an early adopter of internet technologies, McKenna knew the value of digital marketing as the key to help their business grow. And grow they did!

Canadian Logistics Consulting Professionals

McKenna Logistics was founded in the 1950s by A.J. McKenna. A.J. noticed that trucks were not being fully utilized outside of business hours, so he optimized truck usage by offering household moving services. With a mindset for business, A.J. grew the company until he eventually sold the business to his son Charlie in 1975.

Charlie saw the potential and expertise of the business to focus on consumer packaged goods. The decision to reposition the company turned McKenna into a leading operator within Canada’s logistics industry. When Charlie retired, he handed the company down to his son John. Since then, John McKenna has been leading the company through significant changes to adapt to today’s modern world while still holding onto the family’s core beliefs.

Dominating the Search Engine Results Page

McKenna Logistics came to Treefrog shortly after the launch of their first website in 2002. While they had a website, John knew they needed more to grow their online presence. Social media and search engine optimization were in their infancy stages, but John wasn’t about to slow down with a million-dollar business as an entrepreneur. Mckenna’s marketing was omnichannel with radio, tv, billboards, print, but in 2002, they shifted into SEO.

In just a few short years, McKenna Logistics outgrew their website. As they approached their 50th anniversary in 2004, they decided to mature their brand and logo with a new website. This catapulted McKenna Logistics’s online presence and positioned them as industry leaders within the logistics space, as competitors noticed.

Today, nearly two decades later, McKenna Logistics has grown into a multi-million dollar business, expanding across Canada, and has adopted an online lead generation system, eliminating all field sales representatives. The company ranks top in the search engines, and with elite services, they can pick their customers, niche the market while holding to AJs vision over 50 years ago.