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We are your Newmarket web design, graphic design and web development agency with a team of talented designers, programmers and SEO engineers who want to be the catalyst of your success.

How can we help you succeed? We have driven success for companies all over the world through a strategic approach to their websites.  We have many products and service tools to drive your sales, to enable your target market to find you, and to raise perception and awareness of your company.

Read more about Treefrog Interactive, or get a "quick quote". We look forward to meeting you and advancing your success!

Website Wisdom & Web Development Info

Website Wisdom

The Five Types of Mobile Website

Why do some websites look great on a smartphone, when others look really tiny? What does the term "mobile friendly" mean? We believe there are five different types of mobile website. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business.


Keyword Ranking Versus Conversions

There's no question that ranking highly in search engines is important. Who wouldn't want to be number one on Google for a search term that is relevant to their business? But what good is being number one on Google if you're not getting any business out of it?


SEO in 2014: Content Concepts, Not Keywords

In the past, littering your content with keywords in ideal locations was of vital importance. Now, search engines are placing their focus on quality content and user engagement. Search has become more intuitive. More human.

Website Wisdom

Understanding Website Hosting and Domains

Domains, hosting, registrar... you may know that these terms have something to do with a website, but what do they mean, and why should you care?


What's In A Logo?

Logo design, and for that matter brand design, are not cookie-cutter solutions. What kind of work goes into them? What's really in a logo?

Domain Registration

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