Hosting & Infrastructure

The security and stability of your digital assets is of the utmost importance to you and us (alike) because it’s critical for your business. Treefrog’s hosting infrastructure is located in one of the most secure data centres in Canada. Our neighbours are Bell, Telus and Rogers – we all rent space or racks in the same building: The PEER 1 datacenter.

It’s physical location offers extensive security: access is restricted to authorized personnel only and the facility is monitored and guarded around the clock, 24/7/365.

We use the latest firewall technology between our servers and the Internet, and SSH accounts are only accessible to authorized IP addresses and specific users. We consistently update our software to incorporate the latest security improvements. Your website, app or system is backed up to a second server on a daily basis, and we complete additional weekly backups to an off-site location. For your added benefit, our websites are hosted on Canadian soil, meaning that your website and data live under the jurisdiction of Canadian privacy laws.