Female executive talking to coworkers at a corporate briefing, sitting at a conference table in a boardroom

The Power Of A Strong Brand

Every business wants to connect, to make an impact, and to grow. To do so, a brand must be so closely identified with the industry’s defining…

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Treefrog logo made of moss

What Does Treefrog Do?

While this might seem like a strange question to be asking after nearly 20-years of business, as a digital agency, we have evolved incredibly over the last…

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Happy intern listening to their mentor explaining a computer task

Why Invest In A Co-op Student?

Over the years, we’ve had several co-op students at Treefrog. They’ve worked with a variety of pods from social and content to programming and project management.

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Close up of woman holding mobile phone, with her partner cropped on the left.

10 Ways To Get Your E-Newsletter Opened

Open rates are arguably the most important stat you need to be tracking when it comes to marketing emails. Sure, your CTR (click-through-rate) is important, but…

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A green potted plant near a laptop on a wooden table

Why The Frogs Are Green

Here at Treefrog, we like to look at the bigger picture. Instead of thinking about the here and now, we see far into the future and understand that the decisions…

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Bearded senior using mobile phone outdoors

What is SEO or Social Without Content Marketing?

It would be cliché to suggest that the digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Marketing and advertising have always been faced…

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