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Closeup of a woman using a mobile phone with a search input field graphic above the phone

What to Look for When Picking a Digital Partner

Sometimes, you may feel like you are getting pulled in a multitude of directions.  Because of this, your online presence or digital marketing may have taken a backseat…

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A man interacts with a touchscreen tablet at home.

What Is The Internet of Everything? Why Should You Care?

As a leader in innovation and technology, we felt it appropriate to share a recent talk by our CEO, Sean Stephens where he addressed four of the hottest questions…

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A green potted plant near a laptop on a wooden table

Why The Frogs Are Green

Here at Treefrog, we like to look at the bigger picture. Instead of thinking about the here and now, we see far into the future and understand that the decisions…

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What Changes Google Has Already Made This Year

Generally speaking, Google rolls out 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithms each year. However, many of these changes are minor and the…

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Close up of a keyboard, but instead of a shift key, there is a compliance key

What Does Compliance Mean For Your Business?

What is compliance? It is where a business adheres to established guidelines and specifications, or is the process of doing so. Why is this important? The goal…

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Bearded senior using mobile phone outdoors

What is SEO or Social Without Content Marketing?

It would be cliché to suggest that the digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Marketing and advertising have always been faced…

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