Enhance Customer Experience with an ERP Integration

March 31st, 2021

Customers expect the same experience, whether they’re shopping at home or in person. Customers expect consistent, relevant and personalized engagements. Unfortunately, if businesses are not equipped, they’ll be missing out on sales opportunities to their competitors. Providing an outstanding online experience is the only way companies can compete with big e-commerce giants such as Amazon.

That’s why enhancing your customer experience through your ERP is critical. For businesses to be competitive and provide a similar experience as Amazon, they need to provide an easy and seamless customer experience. Having an ERP can directly help you enhance your customer’s experience and allow you to increase revenue. Here are a few ways that having an ERP can help with customer retention.


“It allows for more accuracy, and it saves on administrative time, so allows companies to reach a greater customer base.”


Centralized Data in One Place

An ERP system is there to help support operations and reduce manual work. It pulls together critical data around financials, customers, orders, inventory and more. An ERP must have accurate, detailed information on every aspect of your business. For example, should inventory levels be accessible to customers, along with stocking dates for out-of-stock products, photos, and consistently accurate specifications? The ERP system also logs all transactions, so customers can look through their order history to re-order those products without potentially ordering the wrong items.

ERP technology allows organizations to collect massive amounts of data that they can use to improve the customer experience, thus allowing for a seamless customer experience. Thus empowering your customers to plan, make decisions and take action on their schedule, relieving some of the pressure on your sales and service teams.

Integrating ERP Software with a CRM

Linking your ERP with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool) can enhance your insight into the customer experience and buying patterns. It can track the progress through the buyer’s journey and display contact information, order history, and tickets. CRM tools play a huge role when it comes to enhancing customer experiences. When linked with an ERP,  it can help you gain visibility into what products your customers are browsing, what items they’re purchasing together and what products they’re searching for that you don’t yet have. 

Better Together: Alone, a CRM cannot give you this much data but, when integrated with your ERP, the data becomes unstoppable. Knowing a client’s past behaviour or preferences will help to guide them through the buyer’s journey. This leads to increased sales, catered product suggestions, and enhanced customer experience, building longevity and loyalty in your customer base.

Maximize Customer Engagement

If asked about what they would like to be notified of in real-time, what customers say? In-stock notifications? Shipping notifications? Price changes? Quote responses? New products? Personalized messages can significantly impact the experience of your customers. ERP systems provide detailed data that can empower businesses to design customer acquisition and retention experiences online.

It allows companies to offer personalized marketing materials, such as product suggestions, customer-specific promo codes and cart abandonment emails. Organizations can notify customers of almost any change in data they choose, as long as it exists in either the ERP data. Overall, this will increase customer conversion and retention by always putting the business at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Thus, helping to create brand awareness and move the customer through the buyer’s journey.

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