Amplify Your Online Store with Your ERP

April 22nd, 2021

When it comes to online stores, you can have many administrative tasks that can leave you distracted, which can subtract from the customer experience and have less time to focus on the store itself. That’s where an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration can come in handy. Having your ERP integrated with your online store can take those tasks and remove the need for non-value-added tasks such as entering orders, invoicing, sending to fulfillment and much larger time-consuming tasks, such as vendor orders and overall doing the work for you. Thus, allowing your staff and yourself to refocus on protecting and growing revenue.

Liberating your staff from non-valuable work will allow them to serve your existing customers better and acquire new customers. Aligning your business data is extremely important, especially when creating a positive experience for your customers. This is key for customer retention and acquisition. So how exactly does connecting your ERP benefit your online store, and what does it mean for your business? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article.


ERP Management Made Easy

Running a business is complex; with all the various moving parts and a constantly changing environment, it can be hard to keep track of it all. This evolving complexity is amplified by the need to digitize your business. That’s where your ERP integration comes in. When your ERP is adequately integrated with your online store, it can help simplify the management of your business, increase visibility into your customers’ buying habits, and create a tailored experience for the customer.

With a well-integrated system, you can say goodbye to delayed or incorrect billing, manual data entry errors, and administrative headaches. It can help with correct billing, shipping and inventory and helps to ensure management processes are maintained in all components of your business. Your integrated platform will allow you and your team to focus on the value-added tasks that will protect and grow the business. Thus making it easy to manage your business and allow you to focus on growing it.

Improved Online Revenue Tracking

When you integrate your ERP with your online store, it can help you have more detailed, up-to-date, and accurate revenue tracking. No longer will you need to sit and pour over months of revenue data. Instead, your ERP will continuously update in near-real-time to help provide insight into your monthly, quarterly and annual revenues. Thus, helping your business become more agile, efficient, and ready for today’s business environment challenges.

Shipping and Availability

Have you ever ordered something you desperately needed, checked out, only to receive an email later that day that it is on backorder and won’t be delivered for 3-6 months? Maybe you have, or perhaps you’re purchasing from vendors that have integrated their inventory with their ERP systems.

When it comes to shipping and availability, your ERP integration is key to providing the best possible experience for your customers and is with you through all the stages. For instance, when customers are shopping, and inventory is selling quickly, the ERP will let the customer know when supply is low or empty. When it comes time for the customer to purchase, it will determine the warehouse to ship the product and provide the customer with an accurate delivery time. When your ERP is correctly integrated with your online store, the benefits are endless. Still, one of the most significant benefits for your customers (and your business) is accurate shipping and availability estimates. Providing this to customers increases their positive experience, increasing their chances of purchasing from your online store again.

Overall, when businesses integrate their ERP with their online store, they create a tailored experience for each customer. This also allows for better visibility and the added benefits of automated data entry— allowing employees to proactively serve customers, enhancing their expertise, further limiting the need for employee input.

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