How to Enhance Online Sales with Product Configurators

April 22nd, 2021

Nowadays, consumers are looking for more and more customization in their online shopping experiences. Businesses not only need to offer great shipping and return policies, but customer service and customization are key. That’s why adding product configurators to your website is critical to helping you grow your online sales.

Product configurators provide customers with the ability to customize their products at the touch of their fingertips. You are helping them to purchase a product exactly how they want it. What exactly are the benefits of having a product configurator on your website, and how does it help you increase your revenue. We’ll be answering those questions and more in this article.


What are Product Configurators

A product configurator is an interactive software that allows the customer to choose certain product features defined by the business. The product configurator then validates it and enables the customer to move onto the next step.

A product configurator takes a collection of parameters, characteristics, and rules determined by the business. Though it seems simple, it’s a complex software full of regulations that the product configurator will use to validate whether this selection is allowed before allowing the customer to put their choice into the cart. This form of customization allows the user to purchase the item exactly how they want it, but it also helps your business in many different ways.

Benefits of Product Configurators

Reduce Lead Times

When you allow customers to build a product themselves, it will be unique and designed exactly how they want. This will help move the customer through the buyer’s journey faster and allow your sales reps to sell quicker. It will help your sales representatives have all the information they need to send out quotes faster and send orders to the manufacturing team.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Providing customers with a product designed precisely to their liking automatically helps to increase customer satisfaction. Due to the simplicity and the ability to have a custom product, it increases customer retention and satisfaction. Customers are more likely to return to a business that they had a good experience with versus one they didn’t.

Ensures Correct Orders

How many times have you purchased something, and it’s been incorrect or missing key components? Probably too many times to count. When you have a product configurator, it helps ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and on time because the invoice is directly sent to the manufacturing team. This will also help to increase customer satisfaction instantly.

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