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Providing Good Customer Service on Social Media

Social media sites have become popular platforms for brands looking to communicate with their customers, and they provide an opportunity to deliver…

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Happy intern listening to their mentor explaining a computer task

Why Invest In A Co-op Student?

Over the years, we’ve had several co-op students at Treefrog. They’ve worked with a variety of pods from social and content to programming and project management.

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Bearded senior using mobile phone outdoors

What is SEO or Social Without Content Marketing?

It would be cliché to suggest that the digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Marketing and advertising have always been faced…

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How Facebook’s Newsfeed Change Will Affect Your Marketing Efforts

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, recently announced changes to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm – specifically how it decides what posts…

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Shot of a young female designer working in her office

How To Leverage A Digital Presence Analysis – Part 3

Successfully navigating the world of digital marketing requires a strategy, a map if you will. You need to know where you are (point A) and where you want to go…

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Laughing friends crowded around a mobile phone

Don’t Do Social, Be Social!

Social interaction is the bedrock of social media marketing. In fact, it is the fundamental principle on which it was created. Therefore, being…

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