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What Does Treefrog Do?

While this might seem like a strange question to be asking after nearly 20-years of business, as a digital agency, we have evolved incredibly over the last…

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The Importance of Scoping

At Treefrog, we value client success. As a digital transformation agency, our specialty is helping organizations tap into their full potential in the digital…

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A man interacts with a touchscreen tablet at home.

What Is The Internet of Everything? Why Should You Care?

As a leader in innovation and technology, we felt it appropriate to share a recent talk by our CEO, Sean Stephens where he addressed four of the hottest questions…

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Close up of a keyboard, but instead of a shift key, there is a compliance key

What Does Compliance Mean For Your Business?

What is compliance? It is where a business adheres to established guidelines and specifications, or is the process of doing so. Why is this important? The goal…

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How To Leverage A Digital Presence Analysis – Part 1

Having a digital presence once upon a time meant that you had a website. Today, digital presence covers so much more than just a website…

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Coworkers sit and stand, looking at a paper held by a woman.

How To Strategically Plan Your 2018 Marketing Budget

Marketing budgets vary per company and industry, but what’s true about all businesses, is that having a marketing budget, no matter what size…

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