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10 Reasons to Integrate your ERP with your Web Platform

One of Treefrog’s special sauces is our experience and skill integrating ERPs with web technologies. We have experience with numerous ERPs (for example, SAP, Epicor, SYSPRO, etc.) and many web […]

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Female owner of a small business packing her product in boxes, and preparing it for delivery.

Don’t Make These 5 E-commerce Business Mistakes

Owning an e-commerce business can be challenging (to say the least), as many factors that can damage a reputation, a brand, and an end product.

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Why Your Business Should Always Renew Your Domain Name With a Reputable Company

You wake up in the middle of the night with a fabulous new business idea. You now need a website! First things first, you look for a domain name…

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How To Create An “images_sitemap.xml” File

When having a conversation about XML sitemaps (it’s more exciting than you think), it’s pretty common to think about a style-less page within a website…

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A hand holds a credit card, while the other types on a laptop keyboard

Now’s The Time To Spruce Up Your Ecommerce

Is your online business holiday ready? Now’s the perfect time to spruce up your ecommerce site before the pre-holiday shopping season sneaks up on you…

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Conversion Rate Optimization & What It Can Do For You

How efficient is your website at turning visitors into customers? If you could turn more of your website visitors into leads, you’d jump…

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