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Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand and protecting your online reputation. Social media marketing is an interactive conversation—one that you should help drive. People share information about your company even without your involvement, and their opinions and perceptions, good or bad, accurate or not, can quickly affect your brand’s reputation.

That’s why leveraging social media is so important. You can engage your customers and steer the dialogue to promote and protect your brand. This includes ensuring the responsible use of social media by all of your employees, both on the company clock and their own time.

Engaging your customers and targeting new audiences using social media is no longer optional: it’s a question of why, how, and when. Treefrog can help build your social media presence and drive engagement that will help grow your business.

At Treefrog, we’re actively researching the impact social media can have for businesses. We are committed to producing innovative strategies that we use ourselves! Our comprehensive approach to social media strategy includes managing your reputation online, monetization, governance, establishing key performance indicators, and navigating potential pitfalls (they’re real, so we’re proactive in helping you prevent them).

We focus on the “Big 5”—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. You may benefit from all of these platforms, or you may only have the bandwidth for one or two. Elements of your strategy may include:

  • Designing and implementing brand-specific profiles for each of your accounts
  • Creating platform use guidelines and reputation management strategies
  • Developing business-specific recommendations to build a community of followers
  • Collaborating to create Facebook timelines that celebrate your experience, expertise, and milestones
  • Priming Tweets and followers so your message has value and you’re connected to the right people

Treefrog can help you concentrate your efforts where they will be the most effective. We’ll help you develop a powerful strategy for using social media to drive your success.

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