Big help for small business

Despite its name, BigCommerce is actually an ecommerce platform designed for small business.  It offers a range of built-in features for functionality and security but costs less than many of the other ecommerce platforms.  BigCommerce is not right for every business but if it’s right for you, Treefrog will know.

What Does Treefrog Do?

While this might seem like a strange question to be asking after nearly 20-years of business, as a digital agency, we have evolved incredibly over the last…

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The Importance of Scoping

At Treefrog, we value client success. As a digital transformation agency, our specialty is helping organizations tap into their full potential in the digital…

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Don’t Make These 5 E-commerce Business Mistakes

Owning an e-commerce business can be challenging (to say the least), as many factors that can damage a reputation, a brand, and an end product.

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