Increase Your Organic Traffic Through Keyword Analysis

Is your website ranking for the right keywords?
Improving your organic web traffic can be a challenge. Bringing the right people to your website can be even more daunting. A proper keyword analysis can set you on the right path.

Treefrog’s Approach to Keyword Analysis

Treefrog takes a “people-first” approach to keyword research and analysis. We take the time to understand your business, your unique value proposition, and how you are currently positioned in search versus your competitors. A proper keyword analysis takes your target audience’s intent, the competitive landscape and your website’s content into consideration.
We are passionate about getting your website to appear for the right people, for the right queries.
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Keyword Analysis in Today’s Web

Keyword analysis means something far different today than it used to.
We’re not talking about key “words” anymore, we’re talking about concepts and phrases that your audience are likely to search for. What questions are people asking, and how can you best provide the answer? Understanding who we’re talking to and what their intent is, helps us define the right keywords and phrases for your business.
Historically, keyword quality has been associated with traffic. Well, traffic is certainly one metric.
But if you’re selling cars, would you rather a showroom full of tire-kickers, or a handful of customers who are ready to buy? Keyword quantity has also been considered important. For example, how many times does “blue widget” appear on our webpage? Only twelve times?! We need it on there at least twenty times to rank! Malarky.
Fact is, a proper keyword analysis can give you invaluable insights about your business. Keyword analysis in the present web is about clearly understanding how your digital presence is reflected in search.
You need to know:
- What questions do my audience ask?
- Where do I appear when my audience enter those searches?
- What important key phrases am I not ranking for?
- What key phrases are my competitors ranking for?
- Are my competitors ranking higher than I am? Why?
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