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Choose from the following

Mini Brand Positioning Package – $2,500

The small branding option is best for organizations that have established brands that have developed more by osmosis than by design. Typically, these organizations have a wealth of knowledge about their customers, their products and their culture; it has just not been formalized into an actionable brand position. This is where the creative brief comes in. The brief subjects the organization to a formal brand analysis based on seven brand perspectives. The brief is based entirely on input from the stakeholders of the brand and not validated through any outside research or consultation. This process assumes that the stakeholders have a solid grasp of who they are, what the organization stands for and what makes them unique and better in the marketplace. The small brand process will take that information and establish the character, values, target audiences and key benefits of the brand and establish a brand position that identifies the benefit of the brand that is most compelling for the target audience. The small brand process is generally used when there is a specific marketing initiative to be addressed. The brief then solidifies a brand position and applies it to the specific marketing objectives so that tactics and strategies can be developed to meet those objectives.

Brand Positioning Package – $5,000

The medium brand process utilizes the creative brief, as with the small brand process however, it also includes some qualitative research with customers of the brand to verify stakeholder assumptions about key brand elements and may also look to gain insights relevant to the specific marketing initiative. This research generally takes the form of telephone interviews with ten to fifteen customers that represent a cross-section of the company’s target audiences. Input from these interviews along with input from stakeholders is then used to complete the creative brief through which a brand position is confirmed and an approach to the marketing initiative is established.

Full Brand Positioning Package – $15,000 to $20,000

The large brand process is employed to develop a new brand, significantly reposition an existing brand or establish a brand position as well as communication and graphic standards for a brand that has never been defined in this manner. This process begins with a half-day session with key brand stakeholders to establish their views of the brand character, values, key target audiences and their needs of the brand and key functional and emotional benefits delivered by the brand. Qualitative research is then conducted with fifteen to twenty customers of the brand to get their views on the same brand elements and secure additional insights with regard to the products and services of the brand. Input from stakeholders and customers is analyzed and a recommendation if made as to how to position the brand for maximum effect. Once the brand position is approved, a Brand Guidelines and Standards Document is produced that defines the brand from the seven aspects previous noted. It also provides guidelines and standards for the proper way to communicate the brand in words and images. Graphic standards establish rules for use of the brand’s marques (logos, slogan, icons, sub-brands, product brands) and direction for the style and tone of all brand communications. The Brand Guidelines and Standards Document brings consistency and clarity to the brand for all stakeholders and ensures that the brand is conveyed in the most compelling way possible. Once the large brand process is completed, the brand can be actively managed and continually enriched and enhanced to grow consumer loyalty and patronage.

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