The $100 Difference

September 25th, 2015


Some things to consider when deciding if the nickels and dimes are worth it

When selecting a web or graphic design provider, sometimes that $100 difference can make all the difference in your decision. When you’re stuck in a rut between providers, be sure to compare “apples to apples”

Consider these possible deal breakers:

1) Template solution OR custom concepts?

A template solution website takes a lot less time and money to build generally, however makes a great difference in the overall impression that your business gives online as well as your site SEO.

2) Outsourced Hosting OR their own servers?

Many smaller web firms sub-out or host your websites on servers that do not belong to them. This often times creates a web of confusion of who has what and where. When comparing the cost of hosting across the board, keep who owns the servers in mind and stray away from subbed-out solutions.

3) Two-Pop-Shop or Team of Professionals?

The reality is that a two-pop-shop firm (of which many exist and come and go each day) does not have the overhead cost of a larger marketing solutions firm, thus the reason for the cost difference in many cases.  But can two people provide the level of expertise and diversity that a firm with a team of designs, programmers, content writing, SEO specialists and admin /support staff can?

4) What happens if all doesn’t go well?

Should the scenario happen where you do select the $100 less company and things should not go as planned, what will the cost be to you to switch firms? Will you have issues getting ownership of the work that you’ve already completed? Will you be able to take what you have and move elsewhere OR will you be stuck?

5) Not a one-night-stand but a marriage

Remember that when selecting a web provider, your relationship will not be a one-night-stand but rather a long term marriage. With this said, it’s important to select a company that not only has been around for a while, but will still be around for you when you need them. Check on the availability and costs of long term support and webmastering.