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Kasia Pichette

Graphic Designer 905.836.4442 x119

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts
Sandwich-lover • Sea-kayaker • BBC Documentary Buff • Dog-Whisperer (on occasion)

Born and raised in Ottawa, Kasia’s foray into design began with two incredibly creative parents. Her father was a water polo coach by day, rockstar by night, and her mother was a teacher, principal and DIY Wonder Woman. Gifted with innate curiosity, Kasia was always encouraged to draw, sketch, paint and create new things from her environment.

In her youth, she was exposed to various arts disciplines while attending the Triple Credit Dramatic Arts Program at Canterbury Arts High School in Ottawa. Gaining personable confidence, self-determination and a desire to push her cultural curiosity, she then chose to attend Carleton University for an honours degree in Classics, Religion & Humanities; studying art history, ancient archaeology, Greek and Roman literature, ancient and modern religions, and even minoring in psychology.

After undergrad, Kasia discovered that her cultural intuition and interpersonal skills were suited for many client-facing management roles. She ventured down this career path to manage a team of 30+ associates in a specialized retail industry, but as fate would have it, life eventually brought her closer to her family in Toronto.

With the support of creative friends and family, Kasia made the leap to fulfil her lifelong dream of graphic design by attending the Toronto Film School’s Graphic Design and Interactive Media Program. Needless to say, she graduated top of class and even won the fiercely competitive MaRs Discovery District client design competition (called the Capstone). Ready to hit the ground running, Kasia began freelancing even before she could finish her last day of school. Through this, she discovered her natural affinity for creating meaningful and inspiring brand identities. Always her goal to align herself with a design agency in York Region, Kasia sought out Treefrog because of its shared beliefs, core values, and mandate for innovation.