Jeffrey Steinberg

Jeffrey Steinberg

COO, Agency

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Nature • Art • Family

It was a fall afternoon in 1994. Second pitch of the Canmore Wall, a rock climb. Barry, one of North America’s top alpinists, was instructing me up a simple route. We got to talking. I asked him, why does a renowned guide like you spend time teaching amateurs like me? He said, there are many reasons for climbing, some of them misplaced, like money and fame. And then there’s making history with first ascents. But the only good reasons to climb are to improve the lives of others, improve yourself, and to leave the mountain better than you found it. Down at the bottom of the mountain and three decades later, I keep Barry’s thoughts in mind, helping businesses achieve their purpose. What’s good for people, culture and community is now, thankfully, also aligned to growth, profitability and brand purpose. 

With varied training and over twenty years of business operations experience, I am passionate about developing people, programs and systems to deliver exceptional client experiences. I’m best able to apply my skills flexibly to new situations and pull from a wide toolbox, having led teams in finance, operations, marketing, client services, project management, people, technology and education. 

Prior to entering the private sector, I was a Teacher for Children with Special Needs and lived in western Canada, actively engaged in mountain life as a Ski Patrol and Search-and-Rescue team member.