Logo Maturation

Your logo is always working hard for your business. It’s a demanding job, promoting for you at all hours and in many forms, from business cards to billboards, websites and more.

With a 24/7 schedule like that, it’s not surprising that your logo might get a little tired – and by that we mean visually tired. Even household brands go through an update every once in a while. Did you know the Nike swoosh has matured every ten years?

So how do you keep your brand recognition while keeping with the times? By “maturing” your logo. Our talented graphic designers keep what already works for your business and give it a makeover. We can make adjustments to modernize the look and feel while building on your existing identity.

The word "brand" decoratively drawn in a notebook

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Top down view of designers brainstorming a brand around a wooden table

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Close up of a zebra's eye

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