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Your logo is your single most important piece of corporate identity!

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Your logo will appear on every promotional piece your company produces, including your business card, website and the signage at your location. It needs to make a definitive statement about what you do.

Creating a logo involves crafting a shape that makes that statement and is distinct in a world full of images and symbols. It is a very precise and challenging aspect of design, one at which Treefrog's adept design team excels.

Connecting with a designer can make a world of difference when trying to achieve this goal. Our designers know how to convey the message you want in an appealing and simplistic design that will be easily recognizable by your customers.

Creating a wordmark, like the Treefrog logo, is another effective aspect of logo design. By taking a word and making it your logo, you can make a memorable impression even without a symbol or illustration.

Have a logo that has been around for years that you don’t want to completely change?  Don’t worry....our logo maturation process will allow us to bring your logo back up to date by making minor adjustments, without losing your well-established overall look and feel.

Check out our Graphic Design Portfolio  to see how we have helped our clients to build solid brand identity with stunning logos.

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