Get your website live now!

December 29th, 2014

Stop being a perfectionist and change!

The newest Treefrog website went live on January 23rd, 2015, after months of being worked on in the background. The simple fact is – the website has a few broken links and some spelling mistakes. It has some  errors in terms of dates and it may have a picture missing here and there. It’s going to take us months to get the site perfect. And you know the thing about perfection.

But this is the point of the new world order of the world wide web. Pay attention to the following;

  1. This new website is already better than the old website.
  2. This new website will take time for search engines to properly index.
  3. We have a CMS on the site, so changes are going to happen quickly.

So we made the call to set the site live, with all of its pimples and imperfections. We know that Google and the world will be happy to see the changes we have made and be happy that we strive for perfection. It isn’t perfect. But we aren’t forgetting about it. A website, like all good works of art, is never complete. We are going to continuously put energy into making it better.

“Google likes to see change. Google likes the fact that your website is a constant work of improvement.”

So have no fear that we won’t complete your website, and setting it live (within reason) before all of the bubbles have been pushed out of the wallpaper of perfection.

Your website needs to go live at exactly the moment you can say “this website is already better than our last one”. And your ranking on search engines will actually be better if you send it live and tweak it as you go.

Let loose your fear and click the big red button of life! Over the next few weeks, you can still make it perfect, and you will have made great strides towards your search engine ranking goals.