Domain Registry of Canada

December 30th, 2014

We receive calls from customers every few months asking if the letter they received from the “Domain Registry Of Canada” is a legitimate registrar… and they are!

But they prey on anyone Canadian who owns a domain name out there and hope that the customer will take their service over their current registrar and ten times out of ten you shouldn’t go through with it honestly.

We understand it looks like an official document from even the government, but it is not – this is just a registar out there preying on customers who may be unaware of this scam.

It’s very expensive alternative and they provide no service, and gives away the control of your domain to them and we’ve heard it gets even more difficult to make changes to your domain once in their control – be very careful!

If you receive a letter and have your domain with Treefrog call us immediately, do not fill out their form. Once you do we are unable to assist you and you’ll be out the cash (although we have saved a few domains because we were the admin contact and just cancelled their transfer).

This is a warning! Be careful!

(We’re not linking to them, they don’t deserve the link but you can Google their name if you’re that inclined or have received a letter – contact them, or shred the letter and burn the pieces)