Digital Marketing Trends to Guide Your Online Strategy

January 14th, 2021

With 2020 now behind us, it’s time to start thinking about what 2021 has in store for marketing. The world has changed, which means the way we were marketing before needs to change.

People are now online shopping and checking social media more than ever. So it’s time to start refocusing marketing efforts and figure out new and innovative ways to connect with consumers. So what exactly should businesses be focusing on in 2021, and how do we start implementing them.

The great “digital pivot” has shown us that businesses really need an online presence to grow. Consumers are naturally shopping more online, and this comes with high expectations for brands. Consumers are looking for inclusive brands, and they want them to be informed. They’re also looking for brands that offer a seamless online experience. Today we’re helping you clear through the noise and sharing our marketing trends to focus on in 2021.

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Social Media Continues to Dominate Online Conversations

Social media has always been a useful marketing tool, but not all businesses have been using it. Many skeptics believe that it’s not a helpful tool. However, it’s now apparent that companies need to use it to help them grow their business.

Now that social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are adding features such as Instagram shops, making it more convenient for consumers to shop. Companies need to begin looking to expand into social selling to increase sales and discoverability.

Brands should also focus on narrowing down the social media platforms they’re currently using. Social media is not a one size fits all, so it’s essential to create a strategy and specific purpose for each channel. Focus on where your core target audience is, and make sure to nurture that channel. It’s better to focus on a specific social platform than all of them.

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Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Events have always been great ways to marketing your business and generate brand awareness. Unfortunately, 2020 put a stop to in-person events forcing us to reimagine how we attend events. This helped launch virtual events of all kinds, such as webinars, networking, conferences, and winter markets. Virtual events allow you to reach a broader audience that otherwise might have been impossible due to various circumstances such as travel and cost.

Businesses have seen overwhelming growth due to virtual events. We can expect that even when the pandemic is no longer a growing concern, virtual events will be here to stay. Businesses will need to determine how to entice and drive engagement to these virtual events and create concrete marketing plans around them.

Keep Investing In Short-Form Videos

With the rise of social platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, it’s no wonder consumers are looking at content that is quick and easy to consume. The ability to provide short but engaging content in the form of 60 seconds has become the new way to grab your audience’s attention.

Businesses should begin refocusing their marketing efforts on short video content, podcasts and email newsletters. Using content that is quick and cut down to bite-size pieces will keep consumers engaged and have them returning for more. Businesses should also focus on providing value, as this will turn potential customers into longtime followers.

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Build Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has always been an excellent way for big and small brands to market their business and create brand awareness. There has always been a focus on influencers that have over 25k followers on social media.

However, we’re now seeing a trend of influencers with a small fan base also getting deals from various brands. This is partly because, according to a recent study by Later, these smaller influencers have high engagement rates. Brands should consider the benefits of incorporating influencer marketing into their 2021 marketing plans.

Keeping up with all the marketing trends can be difficult, and not all of them will work for your business. It’s important to research current trends and determine which ones will best help your business grow. It’s also critical to come up with a marketing plan that reflects what you want to achieve. Luckily we’ve made a 2021 marketing plan just for you. You can download it here.


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