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Your brand and your logo are not the same thing. A well-rounded brand strategy is about more than refreshing your logo

“What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for help.”

Don Keough, former Coca-Cola president
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Defining an effective brand strategy requires a broad assessment of your corporate identity, both online and offline.

Though seemingly interchangeable, your logo and a brand are two different things that need to work together harmoniously.

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand’s message and your company’s value proposition. It exists to communicate what your brand represents by providing an emotional shortcut to remind people of all the benefits of your business’s products and services.

Your brand, on the other hand, helps differentiate your business from competitors. It is what your customers experience when they interact with your business, products, services, and employees. Your brand exists only in your customers’ minds, but it’s also your promise to your customers of what they will experience. 

Treefrog takes a top-down approach to helping you develop your brand strategy. And we’re honest. It could be that there are elements of your brand that are clearly communicated, and therefore, may not need to change. However, there needs to be consistency across the board for your brand to have the desired impact. Do all the elements of your brand speak with a unified voice?

Think of the Coke bottle theory. A Coke bottle is identifiable even in the dark. It’s unmistakable. Can you say the same thing about your brand?

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