Bad Website Bonanza

About the Campaign

What is the Bad Website Bonanza?

At treefrog Inc., we believe every business deserves a website that shines. The “Bad Website Bonanza” is your chance to step up and help give your company’s online presence a much-needed makeover. If your company’s website is stuck in the early 2000s, barely navigable, or just plain unattractive, we’re here to help transform it into a modern, efficient, and user-friendly site that drives results. Plus, if we end up working with your company to revamp the site, you’ll receive a $500 gift card for your effort!

How It Works

Step 1:

Identify the Issues

Do you cringe every time you visit your company’s website? Is it slow, outdated, hard to find on Google, or simply not reflective of what your business truly offers? If so, it’s time for a change.

Step 2:

Submit the Site

Use our easy submission form below to send us the URL of your company’s website, along with the business name and your email address. It’s quick, easy, and confidential.

Step 3:

We Review

Our team of digital experts will review your submission to assess what can be improved. We’ll reach out following your submission to discuss.

Step 4:

Transformation Begins

If we proceed with revamping your company’s website, once it’s live and dazzling, you’ll receive a $500 gift card as a thank you!

Why Participate?

Greater Visibility

Modern websites rank better on search engines, attract more traffic, and generate more business.

Enhanced User Experience

A fresh, intuitive website means a better experience for your customers and less frustration for everyone.

Reward Yourself

Not only does your company get a website upgrade, but you also get rewarded for making it happen!


Any employee from any company who believes their company’s website needs an overhaul.

Our team will review your submission and contact you.

After the new website is live and the final checks are completed, you will receive your $500 gift card.

    *Note: All submissions are confidential. Enhance your company's web presence and your own workday with just a few clicks!