6 Things to Do before You Relocate Your Business

September 23rd, 2016

Changing business locations demands thorough preparation in both the physical and digital worlds

Businesses relocate for a multitude of reasons including the need to accommodate more employees as a company grows, to save money on the cost of a lease, and to serve their customers more efficiently. But what if your customers can’t easily find your new office online, and as a result, in your community?

While relocating your business can be exciting, a successful move requires a lot of planning including making sure Google, Bing, and other search engines aren’t serving up outdated or duplicate location information about your company. Unfortunately, search engines don’t make it easy to sort out such matters.

With local search being a vital driver of new and repeat business, there’s a lot at risk if search engines and your digital properties have incorrect information. Improper or outdated location information can also be a detriment to your website’s search ranking.

The Office Relocation Checklist

There are six important things you should do in advance of your company’s moving day, including:

  1. Change your physical address online including on your site’s “Contact Us” page and anywhere else your former address appears
  2. If possible, maintain your current business phone number
  3. Ensure all your digital and printed marketing collateral are updated
  4. Notify your customers, business partners, and suppliers
  5. Switch the addresses on your social media profiles
  6. Inform your bank and credit card providers of your new address

It’s also critical to know what former business was occupying your new office location, and ensure Google knows that the former business has closed. And don’t forget to update your office address listing on your Google My Business account.

Don’t let the excitement associated with moving to a new office become a frustrating experience because your customers can’t find you online or on the street. Treefrog’s digital moving package eliminates the risk of missing any necessary steps across all of your web properties and with all search engines.

Are you moving?