15 Post Ideas for Social Media

October 19th, 2017

Ensuring the success of your social media presence involves consistent effort – from posting interesting content to engaging with your audience. However, for those who post frequently, it’s quite easy to find yourself in a creative rut.


Here are 15 content ideas to inspire your next post:

1.    Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

Sharing photos from the office, such as sneak peeks of work in progress, is a fun and easy way to humanize and get people interested in your brand.

2.    Run a Contest

People love participating in contests, making this idea an easy way to boost engagement on your page. Offer a discount on a product/ service or give away something for free.

3.    Ask a Question

Asking your audience questions is a great method for getting valuable feedback on existing or new products/services!

4.    Fill-In-The-Blank

Boost your engagement by asking your audience to fill-in-the-blank! Example: “Fill in the blank: My favourite thing to do after a long day of work is ____.”

5.    Conduct a Poll

People love sharing their opinions, and what better way to leverage that than conducting a poll?
The multiple-choice nature of polls makes it easy for your audience to participate.

6.    ‘A Day in the Life’ Post

Here’s another great way to humanize your brand! Feature one of your employees and have them post for a day, highlighting what they do.

7.    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Share photos of old events or company moments on a Thursday with the hashtags #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

8.    ‘Caption This’

Post a funny image and ask your audience to caption it in the comments below! Comments increase post visibility, and you’ll likely see some hilarious answers!

9.    Create an Infographic

Infographics are great for sharing important statistics or information about your company while keeping it easy to read and understand.

10.    Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate the accomplishments of your company and any exciting employee milestones. You can do this by remembering to take and post photos and videos!

11.    Weekly Round-Up

Create a slideshow of the exciting moments that happened over the week! This round-up can be anything from pictures of a delicious pie an employee shared at the office, to videos of an event that your company attended.

12.    Share User-Generated Photos

Ask your customers to share photos of them using your products. As a bonus, request that they include a branded hashtag so that you can search and see them all!

13.    Influencer Take-Over

Collaborate with an influencer in your industry and let them take over your social media for a day or a week! The influencer will likely post on their own social platforms, informing their followers that they will be taking over your social accounts, resulting in an influx of new eyes on your social profiles!

14.    Inspire with Quotes

Quotes work well because people can easily relate them. Easy to find and source, quotes get liked and shared frequently.

15.    Introduce New Employees

Show off some of the new faces at your company. This will humanize your brand while also making your employees feel valued and celebrated!