Treefrog is reclaiming the role "Webmaster"

“Lost your webmaster?

Nephew doesn’t have time?

Need some more expertise?”


Pulling away from the traditional meaning of a person who designs and develops websites, our definition of a Webmaster is someone who keeps a site clean, functional and fresh on a daily basis. Beyond design and content management, webmastering is about advancing your site to new heights.

With LEAP™ Treefrog's content management system you can be your own webmaster, or you can let us help to manage your system and complete more in-depth upgrades. Either way we want to make sure that your website is the last thing that worries you because:

Treefrog’s webmastering program is designed to work like pre-paid calling cards. You can buy a block of webmastering hours and place your requests to our support team as you need work completed OR we can work with you on a project by project basis.

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