Virtual Private Servers (VPS)


(aka Pro-Los) 

Whether you are looking for greater bandwidth, huge disk space or simply a server all your own, Treefrog has a Managed Server Solution that will fulfill your needs.

Check out the benefits of having more room to grow:

Space: An average website needs 1 GB, and an email user needs about 1GB of disk space per year. (Note that your server will need an operating system—usually 4GB.)
Bandwidth: 1 MB/s is enough to host about 1,500,000 website hits per month. Note that our connection is 100MB/s, but we reserve the right to cap your bandwidth if it escalates over this threshold regularly.
Monitored: 24/7 by technical support staff to make sure your critical services are running.
Performance: Your server is running state-of-the-art HP server equipment — ultra-reliable and highly secure.
Speed: Your server is running 10,000rpm SCSI drives in a RAID. This isn't your father's server.