Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business

Treefrog's Top Picks for Social Media (and why!)

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Getting started in social media can be a bit overwhelming with so many sites to choose from out there on the web. How do you know which are best for your business and how can you leverage them to gain the most benefit?

To help you to navigate the social media maze, Treefrog is offering up our favourite 10 social media sites and why we think they are great for businesses.

1) Twitter:

Twitter is more than just a fun way to keep in touch with your "followers", the people who like to read your "Tweets" and see where you are in your day. Retail businesses can tweet their latest specials, and all businesses can share quick tidbits of industry news to keep clients in the loop.

2) Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most widely recognized social media websites. You can create company profiles, buy advertising space and promote your latest events.

3) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a little bit like the business version of Facebook. Create profiles for companies or create industry or special interest groups. It's a great way to network online to find recommended people and companies and keep up to date on industry news.

4) YouTube:

The ultimate video content site on the web is a powerful search engine tool, while also allowing you to add interactivity and information to your site. If you plan to have video on your site, YouTube is the channel you need to be using!

5) PartnerPedia: 

This collaborative business-to-business environment allows its members to share content and provides links back to your company website. (Great for SEO!). You can also be listed on the Partnerpedia Directory, create Collaborative Partner communities to build your own networks and solutions, and generate sales opportunities on the Community Marketplace.

6) Squidoo:

Based on the concept that "everyone's an expert on something", Squidoo lets you share succinct bits of knowledge and experience. Covering topics from business and technology to parenting and cooking, just about every business can present their expertise on Squidoo! With claims to more than 800,000 visitors per day, the exposure for your business can be exceptional.

7) Reddit:

If you're looking to start a dialogue on issues in your industry or to have a little fun tossing around ideas, Reddit (as in "have you read it?") is the place to be. Users vote for or against your comments, and the more often the vote for you, the more "karma" you collect. Using keywords effectively and backlinking to your site provide solid SEO value for your website.

8) Digg:

Do you Digg it? Digg is another place to post content on a variety of topics. The best articles (as voted by Digg users) get the best exposure. Digg's high page ranks make it a great source for linking into your organization's website.


Another user-ranked site, is a bookmarking site where users recommend their favourite sites through tagging and networking. Getting ranked on can help increase traffic on your website.

10) StumbleUpon:

Citing itself as a "personalized browsing tool", StumbleUpon aims to stop your stumbling about the web and help direct you quickly to relevant content based on the recommendations of the site's users. This can also help users find you without any significant time lost stumbling.