It's Not Easy Being Green

“We are proud to say, we do our best to be green. Not because we are crazy hemp-wearin' hippies, but because we genuinely care about our future on Planet Earth.”

So here are a few things we have done to help the environment:

  1. ‚ÄčWe have moved our servers to power-saving servers in a Virtual Environment,
    thus lowering our total power usage dramatically.

  2. We have experimented with several new technologies for lowering power usage (e.g. LED lights and Nest thermostats). 
    We have made a concerted effort to replace/fix any "excess" power usage in our offices.

  3. We made recycling a reality in our new location.
    When we found out there was no recycling pick-up service in our new office, we lobbied for it and we got it. In the interim, the Frogs were taking their individual recyclables home with them to recycle rather than seeing them go into the garbage.

  4. We offer cash bonuses to employees who Smart Commute.
    Whether through ride sharing or good old-fashioned walking, many of our employees actively participate in this program.

  5. We clean our property with eco-friendly cleaners.
    Yum, lemon and vinegar!

  6. We are currently partnered with the Toronto Zoo and the Amphibian Arc.
    Promoting the "Year of the Frog" campaign (now past), we continue to support frogs who can't design websites.

  7. Our CEO planted over 500,000 trees.
    Admittedly, this was not exclusively with the environment in mind, but it should still count.

  8. We are part of the process of making the world paperless, 
    thus saving some more trees.

If you have any suggestions on how we can can protect the environment, please let us know.