Zsolt Fazekas

Webmaster 905.836.4442

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Avid music fan (everything from punk rock to techno, occasionally even polka and classical) • Lover of all things that are well designed • Certified meme master 

Zsolt has had a hand in front-end web development and web design since the mid to late nineties and still occasionally mourns the untimely and unfortunate passing of Netscape – RIP, goodnight sweet prince. He is entirely self-taught, as when he professionally entered the industry, there were no courses/degrees in web design/development. Still, a few books and a healthy amount of information were shared online on several bulletin boards. Having started as a designer, he took up front-end development because he got tired of other developers telling him “it can’t be done that way,” so he responded with a resounding “oh really? just watch me!” Zsolt soon became a master at table nesting to implement the exact design he wanted – those were pre-CSS/HTML5 days when an animated gif or menu rollovers were kind of a big deal!

Throughout his career, Zsolt has been fortunate to work on many national and international projects for a wide variety of Blue Chip clients such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Air Wick, Lysol, Snuggle, Kraft Foods, Post Cereal, NHL, Toronto Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, MLB, and many others. He has also worked with top-tier advertising agencies and is now very proud to be a Frog.

In his own words: “Fellow frogs, I have worked with many brands/agencies/teams on countless projects, and this is by far the most professional and talented team I have ever encountered. In my past experience, there has always been at least one weak link on every team. But not here. It is a sheer pleasure working with a team of true professionals where everyone takes full responsibility for their role. No more, “oh, I didn’t notice that,” or “yah, I was doing 12 things at once, sorry!”. I love working with the frogs, and I wish I found Treefrog sooner”.

When Zsolt is not working, you’ll find him researching things of interest to him, everything from A to Z. His philosophy is that he can do anything, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing it well. Zsolt’s lifelong struggle has been to do everything he does exceptionally well. From his professional work to everyday mundane tasks like doing dishes or even unconscious activities like breathing – everything he does must be done at optimal efficiency and efficacy.