Headshot of Ziwei

Ziwei Chen

Associate Manager, Digital Marketing 905.836.4442 x103

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Amateurish Photographer • Hashtag Abuser • Serious case of wanderlust

Warning: ribbiting bio ahead, toadally read 

As an aspiring Digital Communicator, Ziwei Chen is thrilled to embark on her latest adventure; Digital Marketing Specialist at Treefrog Inc. Ziwei’s passion for various social platforms and project execution has made her the perfect candidate to work collaboratively with our digital marketing team (Content, SEO, and Social Media).

With a background in science, Ziwei is innately curious and eager to learn new things. She is a self-proclaimed master multi-tasker and can juggle both creative and technical tasks at once. Always prepared, Ziwei brings fresh, new perspectives and solutions to every client brainstorming session – and we can’t wait to learn more about her fantastic ideas!

Before migrating to our pond, Ziwei enhanced her skills while working in communications at the University of Waterloo, her alma mater. There, she helped manage the Faculty of Science social media accounts, and wrote stories relating to research, student co-op experiences, and start-ups!

Ziwei enjoys travelling, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people. When she’s not posting new photos on Instagram, or engaging with your brand on Facebook, you’ll find her with a camera in hand, on the lookout for a stunning view and exciting adventure.