Tom Qiao

Tom Qiao

Sr. SEO Specialist 905.836.4442

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Globe-Trotter • Homemade Chef • Volleyball Extraordinaire 

Tom leapfrogged into digital marketing to build SEO-optimized websites and online brands that will stand the test of time (and perhaps even a few Google algorithm updates).

He graduated from Western University’s Ivey Business School with a dual degree in Honours Economics and Honours Business Administration. He began his career in finance at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, where he analyzed both private equity and public credit opportunities.

Passionate about the digital economy and entrepreneurship, Tom is the founder of a science-based skincare website where he helps readers overcome their skin problems.

An avid adventurer, Tom loves to travel and explore new culinary cultures. He is an advocate for work-life balance and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.