Sim Ramkissoon (They/Them)

Graphic Designer 905.836.4442

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
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It all started when Sim discovered Art Attack, a 90s British television series about arts and crafts. Sim learned they could turn a newspaper into an elegant handmade masterpiece using only glue and foil paper. When their family got their first computer, handmade crafts turned into digital art using Microsoft Paint. In high school, Sim discovered the Adobe Creative Suite, and for the past 18 years, they have rarely gone a day without creating digital art in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

With years of experience in the technology, entertainment, film and real estate industries, Sim brings a high level of creativity, graphic design expertise, and passion to Treefrog.

Away from the office, you can find Sim at the lake fishing for bass, immersed in the online gaming world, or watching a really good true-crime documentary.