Sarah McCullough

Marketing Account Manager 905.836.4442

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
TikTok Addict • Formally Trained Jazz Vocalist • Powered by Espresso

Sarah came to Treefrog with a marketing agency background, getting her start in customer service for e-commerce clients. After helping to grow the client roster by 400%, she quickly gained the trust of leadership to take on project, content, and client management roles. Sarah’s experience spans a wide array of digital deliverables, including, but not limited to, email campaigns and automations, website design and development, organic social, and advertising.

As a Marketing Account Manager, Sarah’s looking forward to leaning into her relationship-building skills to foster client satisfaction at Treefrog. She aims to instil the sense that when she says, “I’ve got your back,” you know she means it.

When she’s not downing Starbucks while getting back to clients at record-breaking speeds, you’ll find Sarah unwinding with a long walk and comedy podcast, cuddling her three cats, or making perfectly crafted Spotify playlists for joy drives.