Headshot of Rocky

Rocky (Xiaoquan) Wei

Senior Software Engineer 905.836.4442 x122

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Piano Aficionado • Disney-Movie Dad • BBQ Enthusiast

Self-motivated, tenacious, and hilarious are just three words we’d use to describe Rocky Wei. A long-time friend of the Frogs through his work as a Software Developer with PerfectlySoft Inc., we were thrilled when Rocky officially joined our team as a Web Developer.

How did his passion for web development begin? 

By the age of 14, Rocky became intrigued by the video games he was playing and was determined to learn exactly how they worked. This passion soon led him into backend development, C / C++ / Java / JavaScript / PHP / Python / Swift and every other mainstream server-side language.

A man of many diverse talents, Rocky went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Control Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, participated in Stanford University’s BIM Executive Leadership Program, and received a certificate in Gamification from the University of Pennsylvania.

Speaking three languages – Chinese, Cantonese, and English, Rocky was born in Beijing, China, but moved to Toronto, Ontario with his family in 2014.

Known for delivering quality, bug-free, and well-documented source codes, Rocky is a proud and primary contributor of Perfect TensorFlow and Perfect Hadoop and many other Swift language extensions in Machine Learning & Big Data. Rocky has also a patent CN102622487B about AI in computer aided design.

In 2016, Rocky notably received the Beijing JianYi Group Million Dollar Innovation Award and successfully developed a new portable file format for Building Information Modelling (BIM) for web page applications.

When he’s not reviewing code at work, Rocky loves teaching his two young daughters about web development: By the time she was in grade three, Rocky’s eldest daughter had learned how to use JavaScript in her first school presentation – by building a tic-tac-toe game. As for his youngest baby girl, Rocky customized a private web page for her to learn more words. Talk about Super Dad!

“I code for a living and also for fun” – Rocky Wei