A headshot of Jamie

Jamie Davie

Director of Sales 905.836.4442 x121

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Avid Skier • Enjoys A Cool Bar Any Day Of The Week • Bleeds Blue and White Across All Sports

As a new frog, Jamie is excited to use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and unbelievably intelligent developers to enable business success. Removing technological and strategic gaps that inhibit an organization’s ability to reach its clients effectively, and drive new revenue objectives is something that gets him out of bed in the morning. That, and a good run on the beach!

Jamie began his career as a software developer, coding away during his days at Brother Andre Catholic High School and Ryerson University. Shortly after designing simple ERP programs for selected manufacturers and universities, he got the taste of sales. Since then, Jamie has seen success in various companies throughout his career as a technical sales leader, manager, and most importantly as a mentor. He has an uncanny ability to translate complex offerings into simple benefits – a gift that actually got him kicked out of OAC Finite Math (grade 13) for thinking he knew more than the teacher!

Jamie is a big family man and loves to be involved in any activity that his wife or kids are a part of, whether it’s coaching their sports teams, chairing parent council or supporting local community events at the Chamber. Anyone who knows him knows that they are not allowed in his kitchen triangle. Jamie has a love for cooking, and once the wine bottle opens, he is in the zone and wants people to stay happy and full. When he isn’t spending time with friends and family at home, Jamie loves to travel, and believes new experiences are the spice of life!