Headshot of Eric

Eric Knibbe

Quartermaster 905.836.4442 x105

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Immune to ice cream headaches • Tractor Owner • Is, in fact, smiling

Eric joined the Treefrog team to help us with our web development. He has extensive knowledge in several software languages including PHP, C, Java, Perl, Python, HTML, and CSS. Eric is the techno-whisperer behind ensuring our computers work and we often find him working on servers, workstations, laptops or any other electronic device. He makes sure we have the right equipment to keep the Treefrog engine running, and tends to leave a trail of reconstruction wherever he goes.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During his time there he spent a semester in Hungary at Karoli Gaspar Reformed University studying Eastern European film, culture, history and literature.

When Eric isn’t polishing his computer knowledge he enjoys playing bass and drums, writing posts about obscure Mac-related topics, playing hockey and practicing his photography skills. Movie rights to his life story are available; call for details.