Headshot of Carrie

Carrie Bloomfield

UIUX Designer 905.836.4442 x118

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
DesigNERD  •  Plant Whisperer  •  Speed Painter  •  Secretly trapped in the 80s

Carrie’s creative journey started at a very young age. Inspired by Saturday morning 80s cartoons, she would sketch some of her favourite characters, which would be hung on the refrigerator by her proud parents. These characters included: Rainbow Bright, The Care Bears, Jem and Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Skeletor, in particular, was a huge influence on her dark drawings of the dead during her teen years, and led her to study human anatomy and medical illustration after completing high school.

In 2015, while playing the popular game, “Candy Crush”, Carrie realized that despite the endless amount of time she spent solving the game’s puzzles, the app was easy to navigate and user-friendly. Realizing the real challenge was the designer(s) who put this simplistic flow together for the end-user, she concluded that it wasn’t just design that she loved, it was problem-solving, and with that, she went back to school to complete her User Experience Design Certificate at George Brown College.

With an endless appetite for knowledge (and ice cream), plus 20 years of experience in web design, web development, print, multimedia production and visual arts training, Carrie brings a vast amount of creativity to every project. A self-motivated designer, she finds inspiration and beauty in everything that surrounds her, and thrives on creating designs that are as engaging as they are memorable.

When she’s not cranking out designs, she enjoys volunteering her time empowering the young minds as a Brownie Leader at the Girl Guides of Canada. Carrie also digs speed painting in live competitive art battles, road trip adventures to seek out little-known ice cream cafes, and being a plant mama to just under 40 houseplants.