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Blair Wilson

Account Director

Hidden Talents & Fun Facts:
Fly Fisherman • Rafter • Snowboarder • Dad Joke Connoisseur

For Blair, digital marketing is much like his passion for fly fishing: he guides the client’s journey by mapping out their targeted species, where they are located, what type of water they are swimming in, and how to attract them. Blair observes and identifies their habits, tailoring and tying a unique fly to cast with perfect presentation, ultimately attracting and encouraging them to bite. FISH ON! …then reeling them in to make the sale. His dedication and patience for capturing the right one makes Blair a force to be reckoned with.

Blair has always had a passion for people, lead generation and design. His eagle eye has helped clients achieve and surpass their goals for over 20 years. He provides Treefrog clients with unique and innovative strategies to reach and surpass KPIs, and it was his personal approach, rapport and understanding of everything digital that led him to our pond.

When he’s not hopping around the office, Blair can be found exploring the trails, rivers and slopes around Ontario with his growing family.

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