Social Media in Business

Let Treefrog help you grow your social marketing, social selling or simply social media engagement skills. Learn to tell interesting digital stories, and make a mark in the online world with our dynamic and interactive coursework.

There’s no doubt: organizations need to start taking social media seriously. At Treefrog, we feel strongly about this sentiment because we’re seeing social media continue to play a substantial role in the success of many B2B and B2C companies. For many businesses currently using social media well, more than 30% of their website referral traffic comes from social media networks. What’s more, social media is where many of your customers are spending a majority of their time. Moreover, 46% of people say they turn to social media platforms when thinking about making a purchase.

“Courses are offered covering a series of modules that develop a deep understanding of social media channels, and in particular those channels used to drive business success.”


Social media communications tools can expand your company’s reach, build relationships with customers and business partners near and far, engage loyal brand advocates, and future-proof your business. As students of Treefrog’s digital marketing training courses, our resident social media experts will provide you with the instruction and guidance you need about social media use in marketing and its best practices.

Our hands-on curriculum will provide you and your team with the fundamental skills needed to remain competitive in your industry, and leverage social media to effectively to grow your business.

Develop Your Social Marketing and Sales Skills

Treefrog’s social media team will teach you how to plan, design, execute, monitor, and control a social marketing campaign, as well as help you understand how to use analytics, digital branding, online advertising, and SEO best practices to achieve your company’s strategic goals.

Our social media training coursework includes team training that speaks to your business and industry for the top social media platforms.

Section 1:

  • Full platform overviews and workflows with tips and tricks
  • Defining social content types by platform and industry
  • Best practices and guidelines 

Section 2:

  • How to tell a story with your analytics
  • Social advertising (SPPC) across platforms, including audience creation, targeting, and campaign implementation
  • Advanced digital marketing and remarketing techniques

Section 3:

  • Influencer marketing: practical strategies for building brand advocates
  • Building your personal brand 
  • Documenting Vs. Creating

Section 4:

  • SEO-friendly content strategies
  • Hands-on platform specific training focussed on unique content production
  • Hands-on social graphic and cinemagraph creation

After the training is complete your company will have:

  • A custom strategy including campaign ideas and corporate profile-building techniques
  • Professional and corporate profile branding best practices
  • A strategy to leverage social commerce and location-based social networking
  • Social calendar with curated posts
  • A strong handle on social tools to grow your business

See how our training helped PAL-Reading Services:

"I was completely engaged at every moment, and eager to arrive every morning. The information and tools I took away with me have been incredibly helpful in establishing and expanding PAL-Reading Services' online presence, and all of my fears and resistance to social media just melted away."

- Mark Fielding, PAL-Reading Services

Are you ready to grow your social media marketing know-how? Let’s get started.

And be sure to ask us about how your firm can take advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant to get up to 85% refunded for social media training costs provided by an eligible third-party trainer like Treefrog.

Course Investments range from $450 to $15,000, based on person, skill, industry and company size.

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