Content Marketing Campaign

Content marketing is the journey of your message to the people you want to reach. It starts with professionally written content, tailored to your audience, and then it is shared out into the world through social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and other channels. 

It’s also your company’s best long-term digital marketing strategy. Why? For starters, content anchors and drives your overall marketing strategy goals. It influences almost every other part of your online and offline marketing actions. Moreover, it provides your company with and advantage that short-term tactics or standalone piecemeal marketing initiatives cannot: staying power.

The quality of your organization’s content is what determines its value. Whether directly or indirectly, professionally written or copyedited content improves your search engine ranking and complements your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. It gives your social media marketing campaigns useful material to leverage. It can increase the number of people who sign up to receive your emailed newsletters. Well-written content can encourage direct conversions (read: sales). 

It also helps build your firm’s reputation online, inspires brand loyalty, and positions you and your team as thought leaders in your industry.

For website and marketing collateral, Treefrog’s content marketing team will interview you to get a clear understanding of your target customer segments, and ensure a consistent and high calibre of brand messaging. For ongoing digital content marketing plans, Treefrog will provide you with a quarterly editorial calendar, topic suggestions and synopses, as well as content you can publish across your digital properties.

Your content marketing and editorial services may include:

  • Auditing your existing website’s content and providing recommended changes
  • Topic generation and editorial calendar
  • Content curation, organization, and publishing
  • Interviewing you or your senior managers on a biweekly or monthly basis to ghostwrite blogs and articles
  • Proofreading and copyediting the content you produce in-house
  • Writing content for web and landing pages, press releases, case studies, white papers, video scripts, podcasts, infographics, social media posts, mobile applications, app store descriptions, and digital and printed advertisements and marketing collateral
  • Producing content for email marketing campaigns and monthly e-newsletters
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) of the content created
  • Social media sequencing to share the content created

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