SEO Engineering

Search engine optimization helps make it easy for people to find your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) engineering is integral for ensuring search engines understand how to index your website, and it helps make it easier for the audience you want to attract to search for and find your site and content.

“Treefrog focuses on your goals; SEO isn't just about keyword ranking.”


Websites that consistently provide new, relevant, SEO content, and webpages that are up to the latest technical standards, are ranked highly by search engines. Because search engines change their algorithms frequently (in Google’s case, more than 500 times a year) SEO engineering is an essential ongoing investment.

SEO engineering is a metaphorical maintenance crew for your website

Technical improvements, content enhancements, social interaction, data analysis, these are all part of good SEO techniques, but your overarching goal is to give your targeted and relevant audience the information they need.

Treefrog offers several SEO retainer packages to help you heighten the visibility of your website, improve your rankings in search engines, and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Our SEO team focuses on quality and integrity; we don't use sneaky black-hat tactics in our process. So you don't have to worry about getting banished to the bottom of the internet the next time Google announces a major change to its algorithm.

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